「Sour Berry」B-grade Sticker Sheet

Left over from my crowfdunding campaign, you now have a second chance to snag an exclusive Sour Berry sticker sheet. This sheet contains nine stickers: one of each of the original pin designs – even the ones that didn’t get funded – and is printed on fluorescent paper and gloss laminated so it reacts to UV blacklight!
There are very few of these left, so grab one before they disappear!

「Strawbatty」 Print

This 5″ x 7″ print of a vampy redesign of my character Berry-Chan commanding bats under a full moon and hauntingly neon sky is perfect for the spooky season, or displayed year-round!

「Strawbatty」 Sticker Sheet

This sticker sheet comes with five full-sized sweet and spooky berry-themed illustrated stickers, as well as a smaller set of “moon phase” berries, and bonus bat stickers perfect for decorating Halloween planner spreads and sticking on all your favorite things.

Tiny Berry Gachapon Play

Win assorted sticker, charm, and deluxe prizes from my gacha machine! Each play will be filmed and uploaded to TikTok, and I will send you the video in the order notes when I ship your prize.

Note to Patreon subscribers: Many of the prizes are Patreon overstock so if you play you may get a duplicate of one of your monthly rewards.

「Astral Vibes」 Sticker Pack

Pack of 3 large stickers of celestial-themed girls. Two stickers are approximately 2.5 inches, and one is approximately 4.5 inches long..
Stickers are printed on glossy vinyl and recommended for indoor/dry use only.

「Heart of the System」 Acrylic Keychain

Open the heart of the system and reveal her true nature to the world.

This 1″ by 2″ acrylic keychain is printed with the “Heart of the System” design, with transparent areas in the hair and triangle window. Comes with a metal keyring attached.

Ripe: Huevember 2018 Zine

A zine containing 16 illustrations and 4 sketch pages, made by Madameberry during the Huebember art challenge in 2018.

Staple bound, numbered, and signed.  Printed by Mixam in the USA.