[Archives] Free Windows 10 Touchscreen App for Artists – Tablet Pro

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When I use my Surface Pro for art, I can’t or don’t always want to flip my keyboard out.  Maybe I don’t have room, maybe I’m drawing on my lap, or maybe I just don’t want a keyboard in the way of my screen while I draw.  This leaves me unable to use keyboard shortcuts, and while some programs (like Photoshop CC) have gesture controls for common shortcuts, most programs don’t.
I’ve been searching for a macro program, where I can program buttons on my touch screen to perform keyboard shortcuts.  After a few months of searching, I found a program called Tablet Pro that does just that, and it’s completely customizable.  Here’s my review:

Tablet Pro docked to the right of Photoshop

[Archives] Using my Microsoft Surface Pro for Game Development

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My big splurge of 2015 was getting a Surface Pro to replace my poor, zombie, 5-year old laptop.  That lappy carried me through all my college work, died the day I got home after graduating, was resurrected, and has been on a steady decline since.  After spending a month traveling to visit family over the holidays, I knew I needed to replace if if I had any plans on working outside of my home.
I’ve had my Surface for about two months now and used it during Global Game Jam, and aside from weird issues now and then and some Windows 10 quirks, it works great.  I have a Surface Pro 4, i5 processor, with 256 GB hard drive and 8GB RAM.  

Here’s how my Surface Pro is faring so far for game development: