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With the holidays VERY rapidly approaching, I wanted to share some of my favorite art supply gift ideas. These range from beginner to professional, to even some unique and unusual items that are either handmade or just really interesting. These are all items I have personally tried and can recommend, and while they may lean towards painting supplies, there are items that suit artists of all kinds.

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✿ Arteza Gouache:
✿ Holbein Gouache:
✿ Art prints and more:
✿ Jane Davenport Watercolors:
✿ Daniel Smith Watercolors –
– Dot Card:
– Green Gold:
– Rose of Ultramarine:
– Moonglow:
– Quinacridone Gold:
✿ Holographic Watercolor:
✿ Ampersand Aquabord:
✿ Handmade Paper:
✿ Linocut Starter Set:
✿ Fluorescent Inks:

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Prints, Stickers, and More:

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MadameBerry paints surreal portraits inspired by digital decay. After burning out and pivoting from game development to painting, she learned about how to implement healthier habits into her creative career, and wrote A Motion To Make: The Creative Productivity Workbook, available here:

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