Art New Years Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

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We’re about to head into the new year, so I wanted to chat about new year’s resolutions. Symbolically the new year is a powerful motivator. It’s good to evaluate your goals from time to time, and tying it to a turn of the calendar is a great signal to your brain to remind yourself to do so. When you’re thinking about making a new years resolution for your art, or in general, there are some things you can consider so you don’t end up making a resolution you give up on in a month.


Supplies I Used :
✿ Daniel Smith Watercolors –
– Dot Samples Sheet:
– Indanhrone Blue:
– Carbazole Violet:
– New Gamboge Yellow:
– Pyrrol Scarlet:
– Green Gold:
– Rose of Ultramarine:
– Moonglow:
– Quinacridone Gold:
✿ Paper: Arches 100% Cotton
– Large sheet like the one I used:
– Paper pad:
✿ Brushes – Transon Round Brushes –


Prints, Stickers, and More:

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MadameBerry paints surreal portraits inspired by digital decay. After burning out and pivoting from game development to painting, she learned about how to implement healthier habits into her creative career, and wrote A Motion To Make: The Creative Productivity Workbook, available here:

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