Painting A Month of Cyberpunk with Fluorescent Inks


Participate in Cyberpunktober with me! Here’s the prompt list:

Even though Inktober is leaving a bad taste in everyone’s mouths right now, I already bought a ton of inks back in August and I wasn’t about to let them go to waste. I might be going through a neon phase tbh… The new Cyberpunk game coming out soon has got me thinking about the genre a lot, and I just want to paint all of it! So this month I’m releasing speedpaints of my Cyberpunktober themed prompt list!


Various inks including
✿ Daler-Rowney Fluorescent Inks:
✿ Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bombay Ink:
✿ Fude Pen:
✿ Fineliner – Copic Multiliner –
✿ Fabriano Studio Hot Pressed Paper:
✿ Brushes – Transon Round Brushes –

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Prints, Stickers, and More:

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Music by Beatzzsoi5 – Cyberpunk 2020 –
Music by Singto Conley – ANTEROGRADE –