[Archives] Construct 2 Minimap Tutorial

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Part One: The Setup

A few years ago, I wrote a blog tutorial detailing how to create a minimap HUD in Construct 2.  Since then I’ve changed web hosts and that blog post has been lost, and (more importantly) Construct 2 has since then added the Tilemap object, which changes everything. (Yeah, the previous post was way old.)
Anyway, it’s long overdue that I rewrite that blog post.
Let’s get started!


[Archives] How to use Gradient Maps in Construct 2 levels

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Recently I came across an absolutely gorgeous game called Totem Teller.  On their Tigsource thread, they described how they achieved certain visual effects in Unity, including using a gradient map to tint their levels.  This left me wondering if I could achieve the same effect in Construct 2, and after some experimentation, I discovered how.

Gradient Map in Construct 2 Game