[Archives] Gamedev Tools – “Paint of Persia” First Impressions

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Paint of Persia is an interesting pixel art rotoscoping pixel art tool I came across recently, and it looked interesting.  Animating is one of my least favorite tasks, and while I don’t particularly like rotoscoped styles, I can appreciate it.  
There are a wide variety of uses for a tool like this, ranging from simply wanting a game with a rotoscoped style, to wanting to draw over reference easier.


Keep reading for my thoughts on Paint of Persia!

[Archives] Game Development Tool First Impressions – Pickle: Pixel Art Editor

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While I typically work on pixel art and animations using Graphics Gale (mentioned in my Favorite Gamedev Tools post) , I like trying out new tools.  Pickle caught my eye when I saw its terrain mode – a live-updating tilemap editor that displays all possible combinations of tiles at once.  I knew I had to try it out, so I downloaded the 7-day trial and gave it a whirl!

Pickle Pixel Art Editor