Affordable Watercolor Paper Review ✿ MozArt Pressed Watercolor Pad

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I’d like to review the MozArt Hot Pressed Watercolor Pad, which I bought for Inktober 2018. This hardcover book comes with 50 sheets of 8.5×11″ 220 GSM hot pressed watercolor paper. I got it specifically to use for Inktober because I wanted a paper that would be smooth for fineliners, and also take ink washes moderately well. So my thoughts will be will that usage in mind, though I’ve also tried out a few other materials on this paper.
I purchased this pad myself, so all of my opinions are my own.

the cover of the mozartsupplies hot pressed watercolor pad

[Archives] Gamedev Tools – “Paint of Persia” First Impressions

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Paint of Persia is an interesting pixel art rotoscoping pixel art tool I came across recently, and it looked interesting.  Animating is one of my least favorite tasks, and while I don’t particularly like rotoscoped styles, I can appreciate it.  
There are a wide variety of uses for a tool like this, ranging from simply wanting a game with a rotoscoped style, to wanting to draw over reference easier.


Keep reading for my thoughts on Paint of Persia!

[Archives] AutoTileGen Review – Automatic Tilemap Generation for Games

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I’m a pixel artist and a game developer, but I hate making tilemaps.  To me, it’s just tedium – making the same image over and over with little tweaks for corners and edges.  And SO many combinations of corners and edges.
So when I heard there was a tool that would automatically create an entire tilemap from as little as just three images, I knew I had to try it.

AutoTileGen lets you create a game-ready tilemap from just three images.


All you need is a single tileable texture, a “cap and bottom” image, and a “sides” image.  If you want a background included in your tilemap, that’s a very simple forth image.  AutoTileGen then does all the tedious work for you!

[Archives] Game Development Tool – Crocotile 3D First Impressions

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A while ago I came across a 3D Tilemapping tool that was unlike anything I had ever seen.  It’s called Crocotile 3D, and I’ve been itching to try it out for months.

Create 3d models and environments with tiles. Typically tiles are used from 2d tilemaps to construct flat scenes, but Crocotile 3d adds another dimension. 

Scene in Crocotile3D

Image source

[Archives] Free Windows 10 Touchscreen App for Artists – Tablet Pro

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When I use my Surface Pro for art, I can’t or don’t always want to flip my keyboard out.  Maybe I don’t have room, maybe I’m drawing on my lap, or maybe I just don’t want a keyboard in the way of my screen while I draw.  This leaves me unable to use keyboard shortcuts, and while some programs (like Photoshop CC) have gesture controls for common shortcuts, most programs don’t.
I’ve been searching for a macro program, where I can program buttons on my touch screen to perform keyboard shortcuts.  After a few months of searching, I found a program called Tablet Pro that does just that, and it’s completely customizable.  Here’s my review:

Tablet Pro docked to the right of Photoshop